Content Stitching-Don’t copy Content from other Websites

Creating useful content for visitors is a prime concern of every website. While doing this, sometimes you might need/think to copy small portion of content from other websites and just add your content along with it, to produce content on your website. In a worse scenario, people do this intentionally, just by copying portion of contents from different websites and presenting a new content on their website. The result might be better than original contents, but don’t forget the fact that it is not a unique content.This will never be search engine friendly.

This is Content Stitching Approach !

Yahoo used to really hate this technique and they call this ‘content stitching’ and consider this as ‘Spam’. Today, Search Engines can’t be fooled around with this any more, and you can’t expect to rank higher in search results by using this approach. Actually search engines like Google, Bing have become much more intelligent than we think. They deeply crawls a website and every part of content. You should always follow practices recommended by search engines.

Best Practices for Creating Quality Content using Information on other Websites

We understand creating unique and quality content is a time consuming task and is sometimes seems not possible at all. This problem might tempt you to copy content from other websites. What you can do? Well internet has whole lot of information on almost every topic. You can refer to these information and can summarise them in a unique way and not just copy that piece of information as it is from other websites, then this might work for you. And even people will like it if your unique way is better than others. Let us take popular example of Wikipedia, what it does is summarises information about a topic and provides their resources below. Actually people really enjoy this kind of summarisation if you do it in a nicer way. But if you are just copying, then it might be a higher risk area in terms of ranking in search results and I will never recommend you following this approach.

What if you Really need to add a Small Portion of Content from a Website?

There could be number of good reasons to do that. What you can do in this scenario? You can add this content in a photo or create infographics for that. And you can add source, or reason to display this content in caption and description of photo. Search engine will not crawl text from inside the photo and will not be considered as spam. Now you can continue with your content without worrying about search engine affecting your website for content stitching. And this might help you to achieve your ambition of creating high quality content for visitors of your website.

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