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Along with instant messaging facility, WhatsApp also allows you to attach media like images, videos and audio which helps you to interact efficiently with your friend. But as we know we can’t use WhatsApp on Wi-Fi unless we use VPN’s like Droid or Surfeasy(or we have to root our smartphones).It was made quite clear on WhatsApp’s official website that it doesn’t support proxy connections.

How WhatsApp Handles Media?

We have discussed How Messaging Works on WhatsApp. Now, we will dive into how WhatsApp server handles media files. It uses quite similar approach as it uses with messaging. When we send a media, it firstly uploads on the WhatsApp server and during this we still have Clock Icon which shows it is still on your device. Then when it is completely uploaded, our device sends the media just like a message. Similarly, when we receive media, it comes to our device and we can download it. WhatsApp server deletes the media as soon as it is downloaded by the receiver. In case of media sent on WhatsApp group, it does the same individually for every member of the group.

WhatsApp on Wifi

How Wi-Fi downloads or uploads media on WhatsApp ?

We will discuss some of the steps which can help us to send and receive media attachment files over Wi-Fi without using any VPN like Droid VPN or Surfeasy.

Steps for sending media file on Wi-Fi :

  1. Turn on your Wi-Fi and make sure that it works in your browser.
  2. When you send a media file, just upload it using your Wi-Fi and you will be glad when this works. It will actually start uploading your media file.
  3. Then it will not send your media as WhatsApp doesn’t support proxy connections. But now you have successfully uploaded your media and you will see a clock icon displaying that it is currently not sent.
  4. Just turn off your Wi-Fi and switch to your mobile network.
  5. Voila!!! Now you can send it like a message and you can save a lot of internet data with this trick.

Similarly, when you receive media on your device, by default it will start downloading your images and videos on your mobile network.

You can change your setting to disable using mobile data and allow it only with Wi-Fi.Follow these steps for this :

Go to ‘Setting’, ‘Chat Settings’, ‘Media auto-download’, ‘When using mobile data’ and simply disable check boxes. But make sure all check boxes are enabled in ‘When connected on Wi-Fi’ option.

Steps for receiving media on Wi-Fi:

  1. Now you will receive media on your device with your mobile networks and it won’t download the media file. Make sure that media is received on your device using your mobile internet connection.
  2. Now you can switch to Wi-Fi from your mobile network.
  3. Just download media without consuming your mobile data.

Although you can’t use all features of WhatsApp with Wi-Fi but this will help you sending and downloading media without consuming your mobile data. We will love to hear your feedback on this.

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  1. Hi Gaurav,

    When a media is sent via whatsapp, is it handled in the same way as normal message?
    When the media is downloaded by the recipient, will it get automatically deleted from the server memory?


  2. In whatsapp legal it is mentioned,
    files are stored for short period of time after delivery. So was not sure about that.Thanks for your reply:)

  3. In Group each member will have a copy to download?
    and when it is downloaded by each the respective one will be deleted automatically?

  4. Having issues sending and receiving on data but not wifi and yes I have lots of data internet etc is fine

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