Let’s Try Open Source First

When it comes to editing your document, photos, videos, audio and any other things, we need a software to do all these things for us. Now you have the option of choosing a proprietary software (copyrighted) or go for Open Source option available.

If we talk about proprietary software, most of the time we really need to pay a lot for them. If we talk about editing your vacation trip photos, we have many proprietary software available like Photoshop. I don’t think Photoshop needs any introduction. Well it costs you around 12000 yearly and currently dominates bitmap and raster image editing. If you are professional in image editing, please go for it. But let me ask you a question, do you really need to pay your hard earned money, just to fulfil your editing needs for your next Facebook profile picture? Yes this is what I am talking about. Like Photoshop, many other proprietary software gives you lot of features which you might not need. Let’s be frank, you don’t need to find excuses to use all features of the software you have paid for.

I will come straight to my topic, we should always give a try to Open Source option available for us. Let me tell you, yes it available for almost everything you need. If we talk about image editing, one good option is GIMP (GNU Image Editing Program). Some of you might need an introduction to Open Source. It means its source code is freely available and can be modified. Well it means everybody is encouraged to give contribution to the development of the software with little or no profit. After trying out these options, if you feel that it doesn’t fulfil your needs, I will recommend you to go for a good proprietary software. But please don’t get into trouble by using cracked software in your system.

I will list out some good open source options available to fulfil your different needs:

Raster Image Editing

  • GIMP
  • Pixlr
  • Krita

Vector Image Editing

  • Inkspace
  • Apache OpenOffice DRAW
  • Skencil
  • Svg-edit

Video Editing

  • Lightworks
  • Cinelerra
  • OpenShot
  • DaVinci Resolve Lite
  • Avid Free DV

Post Production Tools

  • Blender
  • Cineleraa
  • Jahshaka
  • DebugMode Wax

Audio Editing

  • Audacity
  • Ardour
  • LMMS
  • Wavosaur

PDF Editors

  • LibreOffice
  • OpenOffice

DVD Authoring

  • Sothink Movie DVD Maker
  • DVD Styler
  • DVD Flick
  • Bambono DVD
  • DeVeDe
  • WinX DVD Author
  • Apple iDVD
  • Wondershare DVD Creator
  • Windows DVD Maker
  • Brasero

Web Design and Development

  • Apanta Studio
  • Microsoft Expression Web

I hope you liked the article. Let me know if you find any other good option for Open Source software that could fit in above categories.

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