Dreaming a Google Search without Backlinks

When it comes to ranking a website in search results, Google uses backlinks relevance factor. It means your website will get more preference if other websites links to your website.

Why a website will link to your website?

By linking we specifically mean that they might have liked your article or product, and have provided a link back to your website which could be in context to reference or source. There could be many reasons for linking to a website.

What does this link tell Google?

Well it doesn’t matter much if it is from low quality website. But if it comes from a quality website, Google will take it as a recommendation about the content.

For example- If you trust me and I recommend you to buy a product, then it gets more likely that you will go for it. And there is greater possibility that you might like the product that I have suggested. Similarly, let’s say we have a website trusted by Google and if it recommends a link, then it will have higher authority in search results. Well I guess that’s a good way of doing it.

Now let me answer you. I know the question is what if you don’t have Backlinks?

When a website is started it doesn’t have backlinks. And your newly started website don’t have authority in search results. But let us take it in a positive way “Every big website today used to be small”. Now I will strongly ask you to keep focusing on quality of your content. If your website has better content than authority website, then it has higher possibility to rank ‘near about’ high authority websites. If you hit the first page(not top result), then just wait for the recommendation I was talking about. You might get recommended more and will soon get top spot you deserve. I will always recommend high quality unique content. If you are unique, you might not even have any competition. May be you are the first person to solve a unsolved problem. Then the backlinks factor will not affect you. As you grow, you will have higher authority and that’s a nature of growing.

There might be a situation where you might be disappointed with search results as they might not favour you.

Now what would happen to Search Results if we exclude Backlinks relevancy factor?

You might want to test such a version of Google Search. But there is no version publicly available

According to Matt Cutts (Head of Google Search Team), they tested such a version on their system and the results were worse. There was obvious spam domination over quality content. So for now, backlinks relevancy factor helps in providing quality search results.

In future, we might find a dream system which detects quality content and use of backlinks may not be used. But for now, we should stick to this system and focus on quality content effectively. You can submit your responses below.

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