What is an advertisement? It is a medium by which seller convey the message of existence of his product to consumers. Advertisers are always in search of finding their potential customers.

We all know, today internet has all the capability to fulfil demands of advertisers. But internet has people of different interests and they have different purposes for connecting to the internet.
Today millions of websites rely on internet advertisement as their only source of income for their businesses. Ad services like Google Adsense helps them make money. But are all these websites doing it the right way or the entire system is a mess.

For almost maximum visitors to their websites, they end up serving them irrelevant advertisements and inappropriate experience. Visitors just try ways to skip these advertisements and just focus on content they have come up for.
Let me break down the exact system in front of you. Google Adsense allows advertisers to submit their ads in exchange for money. While on the other hand, website owners sign-up for Google Adsense program and they manage where to show these ads on their websites. If a visitor comes on a website and clicks on links to these ads links, then website owner will get money from Google.

But question is different, why would a visitor will choose to click on these ads? Well only if these ads are of interest to visitor.
Now we all know that the current system is showing inappropriate advertisements for users. Website owners add up more problem by adding hidden links with their content. Users are actually forced to click on these links in order to access website content.

Why to have such an overhead for everyone? If we have a system where we can provide appropriate advertisement for users, then everyone will get benefit. Advertisers will meet the right customers, which they always wanted and website owners will get clicks on ads, which will generate revenue for them.

Managing Google Ad Settings for Users

How does this system detects interests of a user? Google make use of search history of users to display them appropriate ads. But Google also lets users choose topics of interest which will help it present appropriate advertisement for users. Make sure that you must be logged in to your Google account while accessing websites and this filter is valid for Google Adsense service.


Follow these steps to choose your Topics of Interest as a User :

  1. Firstly make sure that you are signed in to your Google Account.
  2. Go to Ad Settings and make sure that both the options are turned on i.e. 'Ads based on your interest beyond google.com' , and 'Google Search Ads based on your interest'.
  3. Now click on 'Control Signed In Ads'.
  4. Click on 'Add New Interest' and choose your interest by entering keywords like software, blogging, music, fashion, etc. Now click 'Add' after choosing your desired interest.
Google Ad Settings

I think this will help users to see relevant advertisements of their own interest and always have great online experience. Let me know if you have any problem using Google Ad Settings


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