What is Google Web Light

Google has decided to serve optimised webpages for Android smartphone users using slow internet connections like 2G. This works with Chrome browser or Android browsers  Although, this feature is not enabled for faster connections like 3G/4G. Also, it is not available for desktops or tablets.

This technology helps in loading webpages 4 times faster along with 80% less data consumption, which turns out to be a big relief for users on slow connection. According to Google, it increased 50% traffic to websites enabled with this feature. So it turns out to be beneficial to both users and websites. It was first launched in Indonesia and now in India. Google is looking forward to launch it in Brazil very soon.

How Google Web Light Works ?

Google transcode (convert) webpages on their severs into a version optimised for slower connections. It automatically detects your slow connection and takes you to the optimised version of webpage.Actually Google doesn’t transcode the entire website, but the webpage and any webpages that user clicks within that webpage.

Your URL will look like:


If you are using ads on your website, then this will limit the number of ads shown on each page.Currently this limit is set at 3. According to Google, it doesn’t affect your revenue because website traffic is increased by 50%. I will recommend you reading from Google Webmaster.

Actually, many websites don’t take page load time seriously and have focus on attractive user interface which sometimes leads to higher page load time. But now with this, Google supports faster web for everyone. We take special care of our visitors to Digital Period and always try to provide faster load time with useful content.

Opt Out from Google Web Light

I found that it sometimes doesn’t displays images in your optimised version of webpage which could be a matter of concern for certain websites.

For this , Google has a solution which lets you opt out your website.If you do not want your pages to be transcoded , you can set the HTTP header “Cache-Control: no-transform” in your page response.

As Googlebot sees this header, your webpage will not be transcoded and will be displayed as it is to your visitors.

But if you opt out , Google may label your page with the fact that it may take longer time to load in search results. It would be a negative factor if someone sees that label for your website in the search result. Personally , I recommend not to opt out unless your website is seriously affected.This feature will really benefit your visitors with slow connections to easily access your website.

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  1. This technique is very useful for rural areas and it helps to all users to access the website’s those are using slow internet connection…

  2. Very nicely explained.I used web light and it shows content faster.
    Thank you Gaurav for this post.

  3. Had to stop using Atomic browser because no pages will load using googleweblight when redirected there. No user settings produce usable results, except still pictures. This user with Apple 4S and Safari. Atomic settings emulate several browsers.

  4. This is a fast and simple for tool Google WebLight. It allows both Http
    & Https (Secured) use for faster web experience.

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