Cool Google Now Tips you will Love

Google is known for innovating new things for us, and ‘Google Now’ is a special one launched back in 2012. For the newbies, what is Google Now? A virtual assistant which helps users manage, search and organise everything on their phones by your voice command. Yes this could be so much powerful, if you know how to use it effectively.

Let’s learn some cool tips for using Google Now:

Google Now

  • Calculate Tips for your Bill

What if you want to calculate tip to pay for your bill ? Well it get’s easy with Google Now. Just say “What is the tip for [10 dollars]?” and it will present to you a tip calculator. All you have to do is provide ‘tip percentage’ and ‘number of people’ splitting bill. You will instantly get the answer.

  • Convert Units Instantly

You can convert everything from currency and distance to weight. Say “Convert one dollar to euros” and it will give you present day’s exchange rate. Also “Convert one foot to inches” will work like charm.

  • Using Relations can be helpful

What if you designate contacts such as mom, dad, cousin and girlfriend. Just say “Call my girlfriend” and it will prompt you to label an existing contact as your girlfriend. What’s the nice thing about this? From the next time, it will call your girlfriend automatically with a voice command.

  • Take a selfie with Google Now

Google Now recognises “Take a selfie” command and launches your camera. But this feature needs to be improved because it just launches camera and doesn’t automatically switches to front camera. It’s just alternate of “Open Camera” command. Don’t worry, Google will improve it soon.

  • Open any App on your Device

It’s a simple cool feature which helps you to open any application installed on your phone. Say “Open WhatsApp” and it will do that for you for every app installed.

  • ┬áMake it your TV Companion

To do this, your smart TV and phone should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network and Google Now will automatically detect it. Tap “Listen for a TV show” button or just simply say “OK Google, Listen to TV”. It might present to you with some relevant information about the TV show, like key actors, star players and stadium venue.

  • Information about your flight

You will find this feature really helpful for real time flight information. Just ask “Flight [number]”, “Flight status [number]”, “Has Flight [number] landed?”, “When will Flight [number] depart”. Isn’t that really cool?

  • Play any music on your phone

Just say “Play [song-name]” and it will open your desired song in”Google Play Music”. But make sure it should be available in your device otherwise it will just search your query.

Google Now has improved a lot from the past few years and will continue to improve. If you find any new cool trick for Google Now, we will really appreciate your response.

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