What are Drones and its Application


Today technology helps us to redefine our needs and make us believe in innovative tools, which makes our life easier and faster. Let me introduce you to ‘Drones’. Technically, we call them ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’ (UAVS). They are most advanced tools in the field of Robotics and Aeronautics. As the name suggests, they are vehicles flying without man which are intended to perform certain tasks. They are either controlled by automated control system or by ‘pilots’ from ground. They are introduced to perform tasks which man is not capable of, or tasks with danger to life. They come in variety of shapes and sizes according to its use. Drones, nowadays plays an important part in military services and have also become part of rescue and search operations for civilians. The task it performs turns out to be quite accurate and precise, since it is pre-programmed or automated from control system.

Drones in Military ServicesPicture of a Military Drone


In military services, they are used in different ways. Firstly, they are used to have a close observation of a person or a group, since they are equipped with infrared cameras and also they can fly at high altitude, which makes them difficult to detect. This turns out to be a great tool to gain information about enemies which is quite risky with manned aerial vehicles. It works by sending data to satellites, received from drones, which is further sent to stations where strategies and plans are made to continue military operations. Also, they can be equipped with missiles and bomb for explosions, and hence quite destructive for enemies, with no danger of life to militant. They are generally made up of composite materials, which make them light in weight and cheaper in comparison to manned aerial vehicles. Drones have been helpful in preventing terrorist operations and have turned out to be life saviour for public.

Future of DeliveryAmazon Prime Air Drone

Shopping giant Amazon has reached out to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to get permissions to use drones for commercial purposes. With this service, Amazon customers in US will get their products delivered within 30 minutes with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones. This service is called Amazon Prime Air. Even India’s leading e-tailer Flipkart is trying to use the same concept to deliver products in rural areas.But it is not yet permitted by Indian government. Even in US, Amazon is working on test flights with drones and has not come up yet with proper working system for this service. Also Amazon has filed a patent application for delivering products with the help of drones.

I hope you enjoyed to unlock the mystery of drones and please share your thoughts and knowledge to explore this topic.


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