What is in a Cracked Software

When you use a paid software for free in your computer, you might feel like a hero. But actually sorry to say, you are not and most of the time you are fooled by someone. When you install a cracked version of software, you also install a malware or a trojan with it, which could cost more than the actual cost of the software. First of all, it is illegal but nobody cares for this in this online world. Also sometimes it depends on your social life. For example- if your friend is using a cracked version of software, then it gets less likely that you are going to pay for that. Moreover it’s a human nature.

We will try to discuss each factor related to a cracked version of software.

No Support and Upgrade

When using a cracked or pirated version of a software, it is for sure that you will not get customer support from developer or software team. You will have to deal with all the issues on your own. Now you will also not get any updates and upgrades to your software. You will have to stick to your current version or sometimes can reinstall when crack for new version is available. Actually, no software is complete when it is build. It needs to be updated whether it may be a functionality issues or security update. Forget about all these updates when using cracked software. Most of the installation guides of cracked software ask you to disable your internet connection. But, when you try to update your cracked version of software, you get caught and needs to reinstall your cracked software or pay for it.
Pirated Software

What Comes with Cracked Software?

It takes time to crack a software and why would a person do that for you? We all know nothing is free in this world. Most of the time, you get poison with sweets. You install a third party software along with the cracked software. It can do anything, what attacker wants it to do. This may be a tool which may show ads in your browser whenever you surf your internet. And it could be much more than. It might compromise all your privacy. We may use our computer to access our email, use social media account and make online payments. All of this can be compromised, it all depends on the intention of the attacker.

How Developers Feel About it?

It takes years of dedicated work from the team of developers to create a software. But in the end, they get all the struggle when cracked version of their software is easily available online. They are affected businesswise and more importantly, it takes away team motivation.

Now it all depends upon you, whether you prefer to pay for the software or go for the cracked version.

Although, most of the time you get the trial version of the software for 14 or 30 days generally. You can try and conclude whether it is worthy of its price or not. This could help you to compare two different software with similar functionality and help you to choose a better option.

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