How to Copy Songs from a Playlist to your External Device

If you are a music lover, then you must have created playlists of your favourite songs.

Playlists are saved in different file formats like wpl (Windows Media Player), fpl (Foobal2000), xml (iTunes), m3u (supported by all), etc.
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What if you might want to listen your playlist songs made with Windows Media Player in iTunes or vice versa. Also you might want to copy your playlists songs in your USB drive, portable mobile device or anywhere in your PC. Although you might have come across features like sync (in Windows Media Player) which lets you copy playlist to your connected external devices. But it will copy your songs in different folders which gets very untidy and you will have to work a lot to get your music files in a single folder.

To do all this, firstly download a small software AmokPlaylist (Simply click ‘Accept License’ and download zip file). Unzip the file anywhere on your PC. In this by default language is set to German, so firstly we will change language to English. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to ‘Language’ folder, and then ‘English’ folder. Here you will find ‘language.lng’ file.
  2. Copy ‘language.lng’ file and paste it inside main installation folder.
  3. Now just click ‘Copy and Replace’ and you can now use this software in English language.

Steps to Copy Songs from a Playlist

  1. Firstly you will have to find/locate your Playlist file. Go to ‘Computer’, ’Music’ (under Libraries). You will find folders like ‘Playlist’ (for Windows Media Player) and ‘iTunes’ (for iTunes playlist). Or you can just search extension of playlist depending on your media player.
  2. Open ‘amokplaylistcopy.exe’ and click on checkbox ‘Stay on Top’. Now you can simply drag and drop your playlist file in AmokPlaylist. Alternatively, you can click ‘Add’, ’Add Playlist’ and select your playlist file.
  3. Now click on ‘Copy/Save’, ‘Copy files from playlist’ and choose your destination folder where you want to copy your songs. You can also copy them in your external device like Pen drive, CD or your portable mobile device.

Now you have successfully copied songs from your playlist.

Listen a Playlist in any other Media Player?

For example, if you want to listen your playlist that you have created with Windows Media Player in iTunes or vice versa.

For this simply add your playlist to AmokPlaylist as we did earlier in step 2. Now click ‘Copy/Save’ and ‘Copy Playlist Only’. Now save you playlist as .m3u extension. This extension is universal and is supported by all media players. You can now play this playlist in your desired media player like VLC, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Media Player Classic, Gomz Player, Media Player Classic, etc.

Simply right click your newly created playlist file and click ‘Open With’ and choose your desired music player.

If  you have any doubts or issues using this software, let me know.

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  1. Thanks ! thats a useful tool. How about a software or a script to automatically sync your playlist songs on your mobile device with the songs on your PC and the other way around. It’s a functionality like those of the apple devices have. Its like, just connect your phone through usb and everything get synced. Or maybe just connect your phone to the internet and everything get synced. You know any services like that?? May be dropbox seems to be a solution to me, but haven’t tried that? Have you?

    1. You can use ‘Dropsync'(Dropbox Autosync) android app for synchronising your files. If you want to sync your playlists, you can do that using Google Play Music app. All you have to do is install Music Manager on your PC or install Google Play Music Chrome extension,and you can manage your playlists. Make sure that you sign in using same Google account in your smartphone and PC. But this is not available in India.

  2. Thank you so much!! Have long been searching for software like this. Works beautifully!!!

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